Time is one of the most important pieces of life passing by and, for us, one of the main ingredients in our creations. Everything needs time to finally happening; life, history, crafts. We create women's luxury kntiwear carefully and honoring and respecting the Peruvian textile legacy.

Time is also essential for us in all aspects: to be able to learn and enjoy each step we take, since it allows us both to create unique and incomparable pieces, as well as to learn from each small aspect through ancestral techniques. Legacy is time and time is our constant.

Creating women's designer clothing that reflects our love for crafts, beauty and tradition, printed in every piece which makes wearing a Knitbrary piece connects with an ancient artistic and cultural legacy.

We present unique hand-made pieces as an ode told through colors and textures, created with the most beautiful and luxurious yarns in the world. Designer knitwear composed by extraordinary sweaters and cardigans.

Luxury woman's clothing which combines tradition and functionality. Exclusive timeless pieces, conceived to wear through generations.
Made with Baby Alpaca or Pima Cotton, our women's sweaters and cardigans are meant to last over the years, becoming something more than a piece; an inheritance.

Our vision of luxury told through the Peruvian history and craftsmanship.