Purchase guide

The following procedure has been established for purchases on Knitbrary.com, which may be made only in English.

The user must access the online store hosted on the KNITBRARY website that displays the products that are available through that channel, with the following information:

  • Description of the product, sizes, characteristics, colours, composition and photographs.
  • Unit price
  • Delivery charges, if any.
  • Offer validity conditions, if any.

Once you have selected the product, you must add it to your shopping bag.

Once you have included all the products you have chose to the shopping bag, you can access the shopping summary, which will display the following information:

  • Products.
  • Descriptions.
  • Quantities.
  • Unit Prices.
  • Total Price of each adquired product.
  • Total Price of the purchase.
  • Delivery charges, if any.

If you have a promotion code, you must enter it at this time to take advantage of the applicable conditions.

Next, you must provide your Personal Information. If you are a registered user, you must provide your username and the corresponding password. If you have not registered previously, you can create an account on the website.

Once the user has introduced their Personal Information they will access Adressess, where they will be able to introduce and/or modify their delivery and invoicing information. The shipping and invoicing addresses must belong to the same country. The user will then proceed to Payment where they shall select the method of payment; terms and conditions of purchase should be accepted and proceed by clicking on the “Confirm order” button.

Once you have completed the Order Confirmation, you will receive an email when we have received your order in which we inform you of the data corresponding to the purchase order issued. Likewise, we will analyse the purchase order to determine if it meets all of the requirements for processing. Once we have completed the verification, we will send you an email confirming its delivery or rejecting it.