Care book


Due to the yarns’ inherent characteristics our knitted pieces do not require frequent washing and can simply be aired between wears. Little stains are easily blotted out by gently using a damp cloth.

When you need to wash your knitted piece, we recommend washing by hand:

1. Wash your piece separately. Fill a large basin with cold water using a small amount of mild soap.

2. Gently swirl and press the piece, then rinse abundantly in clean cool water.

3. Press out any excess water, without twisting or wringing, then lay flat to dry on a clean towel, away from direct sunlight or heat.

4. Gently smooth it out with your hands into its normal shape.

5. Once dry, you may use a steamer to even it out.

We recommend professional dry-cleaning for your knitbrary coat and cape, baby suri scarf, and precious Vicuña piece.


Please keep your knitbrary knitted piece folded and not on a hanger. Each of our garments comes with neat white packaging for you, for careful storage.

We advise keeping your piece dry and clean. Regular airing will do your piece good, too.

For your knitbrary coat, please keep it on a hanger so it will retain its shape and to avoid wrinkling.


Our yarns are 100% natural, which means that in the beginning they are likely to pill quite a bit. The process of hand knitting also facilitates pilling, due to the friction between the fibers. This is likely to appear on even the most precious yarns such as Baby Alpaca and Cashmere. It is not a fault, but their natural patina.

With time, wear and a few hand washes pilling will slow on its own. To get rid of any excess fibers, gently use a lint remover or special pilling comb. Always lay your piece flat for this.

Should you have any more questions concerning your knitbrary piece or need further care instructions, please write to us at We will be happy to assist you.