Vicuña special edition by Knitbrary is a series of exclusive and luxury pieces made of 100% Vicuña. A limited edition of Vicuña sweaters, a heritage treasure and timeless knitted beauty.

To wear a Vicuña piece is also to connect with a past in which this sacred and luxurious wool was only reserved for Inca royalty. The delicacy and incomparable softness of the Vicuña yarns, the finest fiber in the world, make this fabric the most precious of all.

Vicuña’s yarn differ from the alpacas one mainly in that their fiber is much finer and softer, yet still provides remarkable warmth. These wild and graceful animals live free and are perfectly adapted to the cold altitudes (up to 4.800 meters above sea level) and dry climate of the Peruvian Andes.

The gathering and processing of this extremely rare and exclusive fiber is a time-consuming process carried out according to tradition. These beautiful animals are sheared only once every two or three years. It takes place at the end of the summer, following a precise ritual: the Chaku. Each Vicuña produces about 250 grams of soft, luster, ultra-fine, short and extremely dense hair, with an extraordinary temperature regulating property.

All Knitbrary Vicuña pieces are always numbered and certified by the Peruvian authorities to proof that the highest standards of quality and preservation of the species are followed.

We create each piece seeking for plainless and simplicity to offer the most precious and authentic 100% Vicuña sweaters.

The exclusive Vicuña wool has an incomparable touch. Soft and warm, it will make you feel comfortable and cozy. A unique natural fiber that provides distinction and elegance through its splendid properties.

Our Vicuña pieces are available in a sophisticated Dark Blue and in their beautiful Natural color. We use undyed yarns, achieving the delicate golden shades that will immediately transport you to the beautiful Andean landscapes.

Vicuña pieces are a true testament to beauty created in a beautiful way, our definition of luxury.

At Knitbrary we always work limited editions. We create very few units of each of our styles, so all our Vicuña sweaters are pieces of exclusivity and luxury.

The wool that the beautiful Vicuña gives us is a scarce commodity, that is why our 100% Vicuña sweaters are so exclusive and come in such limited edition. Every piece comes with a certificate and number that verifies the registration by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture, and the shearing authorization by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Knitbrary Vicuña pieces are only available for European Union countries.

Our man & woman Vicuña sweaters are perfect for all year around. Their exquisite colors, extreme softness and warmth give our pieces the highest quality and delicacy providing the perfect feeling and an exlusive touch.

All Knitbrary special editions are true pieces to treasure - if properly cared for and loved, they are a future heirloom to be passed down and enjoyed for many years to come.