Verónica Moar

Verónica Moar

Through ceramic pieces with exceptional aesthetic and artistic value, Verónica Moar delivers a journal over ancestral and contemporary techniques.

Her delicate objects abound of poetic nuances, reinterpret hand craft work to tell us stories imbued with sensitivity and memories. Ceramics that merge art and functionality, naturalness and elegance.

Verónica Moar lives in the northwest of Spain, and the aroma of the Atlantic Ocean is alive in the essence of her ceramics and expression.

In these series of ceramic vases that distill simplicity and beauty, Verónica Moar narrates, with her own voice, the emotions and feelings that we experienced when we met in our Studio in A Coruña between echoes of deep mutual admiration.

These "Verónica Moar ceramic series for Knitbrary" are limited edition pieces and they will be created especially for you under request in her workshop in A Coruña and delivered within three or five weeks.