Steve Mono

Steve Mono

Combining craftsmanship and contemporaneity, art and functionality, Steve Mono creates simple and honest pieces. A dialogue condensed in an exquisite hand-made elegance. A consciously and delicate beauty, which thanks to his identity and refined taste, captivates you from the beginning.

Steve Mono creations are inspired by the Spanish culture. His artisanal sandals, shoes and bags comes trough the history, combining an old-age tradition with a unique beauty conception. Honoring and respecting the manual process, Steve Mono creates unisex minimalist sandals and leather goods with a deeper sense of humaneness.

Steve Mono creates new iconic essentials, objects that are beautiful today and ever.

All of the Steve Mono shoes and bags are available under request especially for our customers, which will take 15 to 20 working days to be prepared for you. It is so important for all of us to avoid overproduction.

Steve Mono creations are made in Spain, going much further than the concept of making, providing a deeper meaning to each piece thanks to the essence of Spanish cultural heritage.