Perpetual skills

A-line lacy sweater | KNITBRARY

The humanity of Knitbrary

Our A-line lacy sweater in Natural color with Whitish Yellow details is a very limited edition patiently knitted by Braulia perpetuating age-old skills handed down from generations.

Each piece is a testament, hours and hours of work are needed to knit a single one.

We can't buy time, but we can treasure it in a feeling shaped by human hands that condense eternity into an instant.

Emotions that can stop time and reach the deepest sense of humanness.

Lacy pattern tests | KNITBRARY

The art of knitting | KNITBRARY

Photo #01: The A-line lacy sweater

Photo #02: Lacy pattern tests

Photo #03: Magdalena & Isabel
Photo #03: The garden of our workshop in Arequipa

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